I’m really not qualified to start a food blog.

I don’t cook often, and when I do, it’s usually not very innovative. Sometimes it doesn’t even turn out that well.

I’m pretty healthy, but I don’t sprinkle the newest superseed! in my morning yogurt. And I just really like cheese.

I’m a vegetarian. Not a vegan (anymore), or rawist, or macrobiotic, or air-only.

I go to affordable restaurants, in a well-known city, that have been reviewed many times by the disproportionate number of veggies and food bloggers here.

But what I DO have, that very few else do, is an exact plan for what I want to have as my last meal. It’s a weighty decision when you think about it. Would you want 5-star with truffle oil or grandma’s mac n’ cheese? Get stuffed to the brim or leaving your stomach growling in self-pity? As your mind’s blown by these questions, I hope you appreciate my decisiveness on this very delicate matter…

Navratan Korma!! (from India K Raja)

and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Caramel Cheesecake!! (from The Cheesecake Factory)

Yes, I’m sure.

No, these aren’t my pictures. The last (and only) time I’ve ever had these two delicacies in succession was on an anniversary date last month. I didn’t think about the omen until the deed was done. And it was Friday the 13th.

But I’m still here, writing about the eats of A Rabbit in River City.

What will your last meal be? Don’t tell me what you did to get there…