When it comes to grocery shopping and day-to-day eats, I don’t make the most diverse choices. And by that, I may mean I’ve had the same substance in some shape-or-form oh, 340 days of the last year?

It’s greek yogurt, and I can’t stop.

As a vegetarian, I need all of the protein I can get, and I prefer to get it from fairly unprocessed sources. Enter the magic of oikos: it’s just triple strained milk that, in its completed form, has 22grams of the stuff in each 1 cup, 120 calorie serving. (Though good luck eating an entire cup at once, this stuff is RICH.)

Chances are you’ve had some brand of oikos; new data is showing that greek yogurt accounts for $1 billion of $4 billion annual total yogurt sales.

Plain greek yogurt is tart, but available by the tub and much more economical than the individual fruit-on-the-bottom cups. Its flavor is easily remedied with a tablespoon of honey, and this with granola has been my go-to delicious and pretty-decently-healthy breakfast for a long time.

But there are tons of ways to mix it up. Some of my favorites include:
– Using greek yogurt as replacement for most of the mayonnaise in egg salad
– As a base for a healthy vegetable dip
– And in a pumpkin pie smoothie!

One creation I’ve been seeing in a lot of food blogs that I decided to try this week is the green monster smoothie. The idea is basically to mix a frozen banana with my greek love, “milk”, sweetener, and tons of spinach, creating an ugly but yummy concoction with all the benefits of spinach!

First, I loaded up all the ingredients. I added some frozen mixed berries and used stevia as the sweetener. I’m really happy I did this before going to the gym, as I forgot that magic bullets work upside-down and packed tons of spinach into the bottom near the blade. Even after an hour, only a few drops of liquid had leaked through the intense density of greenery, so I had to add a little more almond milk. Before blending, it looked like this:

In every post I see, green monster smoothies come out to be the most brilliant shade of green. Mine, however…

Would you say “primordial swamp juice” is fitting?

Still, I’m glad I made a green  mud monster smoothie and intend to make more. I felt super energized after its consumption, and despite the gnarly appearance, it really just tasted like banana and berries.

Do you love greek yogurt as much as I do? What are some ways you like to use it?