The semester’s My entire school career is a couple weeks from over, and the all-nighters are now at least weekly. After all but pulling one last evening (today?), I got the pleasure of sandwiching a serving shift between two classes. I had about an hour between work and the second one, though, and needless to say, I was exhausted! But what’s a girl to do when there’s no time to properly nap, she’s starving, and -forgot to mention this bonus- her phone is broken? Treat herself to some sushi takeout, of course!

With my phone’s two week hiatuses every four or so months, no matter its make or model, I’ve had to become pretty accustomed to doing without one these past couple years. Gmail SMS and voice functions are extremely handy for keeping up with friends, but when I’m hungry and lazy, Campus Special and (now) Order Richmond are godsends.

Today was actually my first time using Order Richmond, and my first time eating Sticky Rice. I placed my online order for three veggie rolls: the G.I. Jane, the South Roll, and the Avocado Roll– as well as a side of tater tots.

The South Roll was the best by FAR; I’d eaten it before I even remembered to snap a picture!  It consisted of “tempura-fried sweet potato drizzled with honey and topped with sesame seeds.” I’d never had sweet potato in a roll before, as my hometown’s sushi joint only has an (awesome!!) standard vegetable roll. This was definitely a departure from that, but also a huge departure from the quantity/price ratio I get back there. Finding a sushi deal anywhere in Richmond that even comes close has been quite the challenge.

The G.I. Jane (pictured on the right) was my least favorite of the three, with cucumbers, cream cheese, and scallions rolled in crushed wasabi peas. Again, due to my origin’s limitation’s, I’d never tried cream cheese on a roll, and while I love it in most other things, I really felt that it needed to be jazzed up with something before making an appearance in my sushi. The outside wasabi pea coating was a redeeming factor though.

The avocado roll was, well, an avocado roll, but the tater tots– not your average at all! I’m not sure what they put in this sauce, or why I’m so late in discovering it, but it may be the most addictive dipping stuff on earth. My best guesses for its ingredients are Sriacha, mayo and perhaps ranch, but they keep the recipe under tight wraps. Too bad, cause that tot sauce really helped out my terrible Tuesday!

Any guess as to what goes into Sticky Rice’s secret sauce? What’s the best sushi deal you’ve come across?